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Costuming Your Career

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For our household, the most wonderful time of the year is not the ho-ho-ho season, but the season of the witch. As an avid fan of Halloween, I tend to really get into the work of creating a costume. My goal is to step as far from myself as possible. Whether it is Queen of Hearts "off with their heads" the Mad Hatter, or the most excellent Wayne from "Wayne's World" it is always fun to try someone else on for size.

This last Halloween as I was putting away my wig and hat, I got to thinking about careers. I am currently a full-time pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English (for more about that journey, check out From Midlife to Midterms). And right now I am at a bit of a crossroads, or an eighth roads about what career I would like to pursue after I get my degree. Being an English major, despite what everyone else thinks, there are many avenues. I could become a copy writer, an editor, a full-time content creator, publisher, and of course a teacher. In some way or another all of these options intrigue me, so I have had the biggest headache trying to figure out which road to travel.

Then I remembered Julia Cameron. If you haven't heard of Julia Cameron and her book The Artist's Way, I highly recommend that you give it a look. Designed to unblock creativity, Cameron's advice and activities help pull your inner frustrated artist out. One of the activities she suggests is that you physically write out ten imaginary lives or careers that sound interesting. They do not have to be ones that you are trained for, or educated in, just ones that float your boat in some way. Taking it one step further the reader is encouraged to "try them on", like a costume if you will.

Now before you get all nay-sayee on me and say "I can't just try on being a doctor!" I know that, of course you can't. However, you can volunteer at a clinic, right? You can put on your costume of scrubs and help out one day a week or month just to see. It is all about seeing the possibilities.

Now I don't necessarily want to be the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter although I am a little off kilter and some days I really do want people's heads, but I do like the idea of being a book reviewer. So, what did I do? I offered to do a book review guest blog post for the university's book blog, The Spellbinding Shelf.

I metaphorically put on my corduroy blazer with the suede elbow patches (which in my head is what all book reviewers wear). In reality, I am likely in a dress and sandals with a frozen coffee drink in one hand, and a shoddy copy of the novel in another.

Has this "costuming" satisfied my curiosity? Absolutely. It also gained me a gig as a member of the team and I have found that I really like reviewing books.


So, give it a try. Explore that secret passion, because you never where it might take you. It could land you in wonderland.

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