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    Sharon Enck has found her love of creative writing to be the perfect outlet for an unconventional childhood surrounded by hippies and witches. Her work and reading preferences demonstrate an obsession with character development, an appreciation for the human condition, and dominated by a wicked sense of humor.


    A former advertising professional, Sharon picked up the pen when her daughter strapped on ice hockey goalie pads. Her blog Puckgal chronicled her adventures as a hockey mom.


    From her blog sprung features in Arizona Rubber Magazine, Raising Arizona Kids, and USA Hockey Magazine. These features resulted in a contributing author credit for the book My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent.


    She is currently studying English and creative writing at Arizona State University with the ambitions of entering the publishing field, and creatively collaborating with students in her own classroom.


    As a published writer, and editor with ASU's Canyon Voices literary magazine and The Spellbinding Shelf book blog, Sharon shares her literary passions with a tribe of like-minded wordsmiths and readers.


    Sharon's husband and daughter support (sometimes grudgingly) her bohemian sensibilities, wild endeavors, and the ever-present threat of moving to Paris.

  • 101 Word Stories

    snippets and snapshots

    Waiting is never fun, and I am grateful that I carry a book. The room is filled with people in my similar position when an older gentleman in loafers, glasses that qualify more as spectacles, and pleated linen trousers (not pants!) enters. Instead of joining the queue, he starts eyeing everyone...
    101 Word Stories
    Visits to the doctor are often surprising. Discussing my longtime sugar addiction I mentioned, rather defensively, that “It is my only vice! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. I do sugar.”  To which he replied, “Have you ever seen that Woody Harrelson bowling movie?” Huh? Weren’t...
    101 Word Stories
    They flock for the seed that has been distributed on the yellow-green lawn. Ten pigeons pecking and picking at the lawn. Not such an abnormal sight until I noticed the cat. Darting eyes in a black and white face lying sedately on the stoop.  poppI expect him to pounce, grab one of the greedy...
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