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    Hey there!

    I'm Sharon. 

    Sharon Enck has found her love of creative writing to be the perfect outlet for an unconventional childhood surrounded by hippies and witches. Her work and reading preferences demonstrate an obsession with character development, an appreciation for the human condition, and dominated by a wicked sense of humor.


    A former advertising professional, now copywriter, Sharon picked up the pen when her daughter strapped on ice hockey goalie pads. Her blog Puckgal chronicled her adventures as a hockey mom.


    From her blog sprung features in Arizona Rubber Magazine, Raising Arizona Kids, and USA Hockey Magazine. These features resulted in a contributing author credit for the book My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent.


    A recent graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in English with creative writing, Sharon has shared her literary passions with others as editor-in-chief for ASU's Canyon Voices literary magazine and The Spellbinding Shelf book blog.


    Today, Sharon is taking on a Master's program with the ambition of entering the publishing field, and finishing her own collection of short stories.


    Sharon's husband and daughter support (sometimes grudgingly) her bohemian sensibilities, wild endeavors, and the ever-present threat of moving to Paris.


    For The Love of Story Event

    May 7th, 2022


    "Refusing to Go With the Flo" at 1:10:41

  • 101 Word Stories

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    101 Word Stories,Humor
    Just as the mullet is described as “party in the back, business up front” with its short almost crew cut like appearance on the top and sides and flowing locks in the back, my choice of wardrobe is the same. My wrap dress with its geometric print and lovely draping over the hips is the...
    Self-care,101 Word Stories,Humor
    Dear Sugar, We have to stop seeing each other. Don’t get me wrong. We had fun together, but quite frankly you are just not committed to my health goals. We can still be friends. I will still indulge in the occasional frozen coffee drink, and when we go on vacation I will see you during...
    101 Word Stories
    My exuberance sometimes gets away from me. It always has. When I get excited my volume shoots up like mercury in an old thermometer, with slivers of laughter shooting out into the office. It often infects others and they, too, catch the fever, and we are all carried away on a wave of mirth.  ...
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    Building Your Small Business Brand Is Easier Than You Think


    Making Small Business Saturday a Big Deal


    Don't Take That Attitude With Me!


    Are You are Foul Weather Job Seeker?


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    Literary Publications

    Canyon Voice Literary Magazine


    Creative Nonfiction:

    "Refusing to Go With the Flo" 


    Mariposa Literary Review


    Short Fiction:

    "Karma is Spelled With a 'C'"

    "Sour Candy"



    "They Say Melissa"


    Poetry: "Frozen Addiction"

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